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Leadership Qualities and Presidential Candidates ~ The Deal with Trump

I’ve read a lot of hand-wringing statements over the years about ‘What’s Wrong with this Nation.’ I agree with some, and many are blown way out of proportion. Many are essentially the same kinds of generational worries that have stressed out … Continue reading

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Comments on “San Diego Forward”

July 15, 2015 Rob Rundle                                                                       … Continue reading

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Help us help San Diego!

Dear friends: As a board member of the Cleveland National Forest Foundation, I have been an advocate for better transit and San Diego’s urban quality of life as responsible anti-sprawl solutions for many years. In that time, we have utilized our … Continue reading

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SANDAG Closed Session Dec 5: Please Support Transit and Do Not Appeal RTP Ruling

Dear Elected Representatives of San Diego County: Thank you for your service to our region. I know each of you came into your positions with different goals and visions for change you hoped to effect, and you all serve many … Continue reading

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A heart for justice.

There’s a song that’s become popular in some churches over the last decade or so that includes a line… “Break my heart with what breaks yours…” I believe we are all made in God’s image. Being made in God’s image is … Continue reading

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Welcome home, we wish you were dead.

Congratulations, those of you who think you know all the inner workings of our government and the hearts and minds of President Obama, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his father. His welcome home party has been canceled. All you lovers-of-American due … Continue reading

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He wants them to leave Barrio Logan.

Chris Wahl, spokesman for Shipyards industry executives, wants Barrio Logan residents to move away. Under the new Barrio Logan Community Plan Update, the foreign-owned companies Wahl represents can expand up to 20% by right, then go through special permitting processes … Continue reading

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Faux Transportation Planning in San Diego: Racism and Red Herrings

There has been fiery discussion in San Diego over the past two weeks regarding issues of increased transit and density to meet the needs of the growing urban community, and objections to density impacts by some members of the current population regarding potential … Continue reading

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Central High, Tuscaloosa

The year-long ProPublica study of resegrigation is powerful, and I’ve been thinking a lot about it over the past week, as well as some of the related Race Card Project follow-up stories I heard on the radio. There are black … Continue reading

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David Alvarez speaks peace.

At the second reading of the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update last October, David Alvarez wowed me. Shipyards executives had just spoken in opposition and were threatening a costly referendum, and one spiteful community member opposing the Shipyards had personally disparaged Alvarez … Continue reading

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