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Opinion: #MeToo Democratic Women ‘Will Not Be Quiet’ at Annual Party Dinner

Original post: By Carol Kim and Alexis Olbrei The #MeToo movement marches forward in San Diego with this weekend’s “we will not be quiet” action at the 38th annual Roosevelt Dinner, which is the San Diego County Democratic Party’s major gala and awards event. … Continue reading

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Swords into Ploughshares

It can feel gratifying to fight. To win a protracted debate, point by point. But this can quickly become counterproductive if we’re not careful. Loving our enemies, as I was reminded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s sermon, does not … Continue reading

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Hurting People Hurt…

If “hurting people hurt people,” and the people they hurt react in ways that cause further injury in return, is that some kind of karmic cycle of deserved pain? Is it possible for one person to disappoint and wound another … Continue reading

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