David Alvarez speaks peace.

At the second reading of the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update last October, David Alvarez wowed me.

Shipyards executives had just spoken in opposition and were threatening a costly referendum, and one spiteful community member opposing the Shipyards had personally disparaged Alvarez because she didn’t get everything she wanted in the compromise, either.

David’s response? We need a framework – the Community Plan – but there is room to modify some elements related to the the Plan to give people more peace following the approval. He made it clear that his door would remain open to even the most insulting naysayers.

When treated poorly, he responded with strength and kindness.

The Community Plan was barely approved by the San Diego City Council, an unfortunate byproduct of politicization of what should have been a wholly endorsed long-term collaborative effort. The Shipyards didn’t want any changes to their polluting businesses, Republicans wanted Shipyards campaign donations and didn’t want a political win for Alvarez. I recently wrote more extensively about this.

Councilmember Alvarez pressed through the opposition and led the compromise (Kevin Faulconer said he was “90% in agreement”) with the support of the Environmental Health Coalition, many involved Barrio Logan Residents, Council President and Interim Mayor Todd Gloria, and their colleagues on the Council.

Alvarez’s comments begin at 2:17:20, and the “peace” comments I just mentioned begin at 2:21:15 http://granicus.sandiego.gov/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=5928

(Oh and if you want to see the amazing Livia Borak in action, her presentation immediately precedes Councilmember Alvarez’s comments at 2:16:25). They’re both worth watching!

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