A higher calling.

Are you waiting on pins and needles to hear about the ruling on healthcare reform – “Obamacare?”

Are you ready to stick it to Obama, relish some justification for your vitriol and hatred of your President?

What exactly are you celebrating?

What ill motive could you ascribe to this man for risking his neck, his political career, for Americans in need?

Are you so blinded by hate that you cannot – or you refuse to – see the political gamesmanship that has twisted these reforms into something sold as “bad” or taking from “hardworking people” to give to slackers?

HCR was an imperfect solution, even before it was hijacked by Congress shenanigans. But its intent made sense: we all die sometime, people have healthcare emergencies, some families are bankrupted by such emergencies. The public bears an unfair burden. All people should have health insurance.

Elected leaders have decided to make Obama fail at any cost, and then hang that failure around his neck. This is nothing to celebrate.

For my Christian friends: what is going on in your hearts and souls that makes you think it’s blessed of God to flout authority? Tirades feel good, standing on a pulpit and spewing anger because the world is imperfect and people are wrong sometimes is gratifying, I’m sure. But what of the Biblical mandates to respect governing authorities? Shame on you for thinking Brietbart-esque expressions of abject disregard for the office of President are godly or acceptable.

Even at times of great sadness and anger under the leadership of President Bush, I wouldn’t have ventured to say some of the things I’ve heard and read from supposed followers of Christ.

What are you modeling for your children, who you expect to respect you?

It’s not just the flagrant disrespect, bitterness, and anger they hear you voicing. It’s not just the rushing to further divide our country and build an us/them mentality. It’s fear.

The higher calling is love, and perfect love drives out fear.

How much time are you spending teaching love and compassion (by modeling), *especially* if you believe the “other side”  is wrong? How hard has your heart become to your fellow Americans?

It’s not just an America for Christians. Be wise and aware of contradictory, heavily politicized messages, but soften your hearts.

I’m working on this daily, and I challenge you to do the same. Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s Supreme Court ruling.

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